Monday, November 1, 2010

Creating A Blog Name

Who knew that creating a blog name would be so difficult? I had an easier time naming my children! Seriously!

The problem is finding one that is unique. One that isn't already taken. One that people will remember.

I decided to turn to friends blogs to see what they came up with.

First stop was Erin's
A Little Bit Of Everything. I absolutely LOVE the name she picked out. It fits my blog perfectly, but I can't steal it from her....can I???

Next was MR's
The Crotchety Old Man. Hmmmm....I could be The Crotchety Old Woman. I am Crotchety, but I am not OLD (even though MR and I graduated the same year-maybe he was held back A LOT!).

Mandy has
The Lucky 7. If I only count the ones that live in this house that only adds up to 3. Guess we could be The Lucky 3, but that doesn't sound right.

Absepa's blog is
The Nerd In The Corner. We all know that I am not a NERD! I really don't think Absepa is either, but I do love the name of her blog!

You know by the name of Tamara's blog exactly what you are getting!
Wine Time With Tamara! Love it!!! We might be able to fit a little bit of wine time in my blog. Actually I am sure we can fit a lot of wine time in my blog!

But I needed something unique. Something that was all mine. Something as creative as what my friends had come up with. Do you have any idea how hard that is?? I wrote names down. Checked to see if they were available. Nope. Wrote more names down. Checked. Nope. Over and over again. Finally. The perfect name. I hope you will enjoy A Little Time With Me.

Y Pam


  1. I picked The Crotchety Old Man out of thin air and didn't even Google it until it was too late to change it. That was two years ago. Guess that means no matter your age, if the blog name fits...wear it!

    I like A Little Time with fits on a bunch of different levels. I've enjoyed both your posts, too. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love your name! And I remember what a PAIN it was to pick one! The worst is when you find that it's taken but they haven't posted anything since 2001. GRRR!