Wednesday, December 29, 2010

E is for Exercise and F is for Fad Diets

This month has been a little stressful and hectic as most of you know.  I didn't have the time or energy to post last week, so this week you get two for the price of one. 

Exercise.  We all know how important it is for weight loss and for our health.  We always make excuses though.  We don't have the time.  We don't have the energy.  The last month I have used every excuse I can think of, but I am sure if I had made the time I would definitely feel a lot better.  I always do after I exercise.  Especially after a good run.  I love to run.  It is a time to clear your mind and think things through or to listen to music and not think about anything.  It's a time to de-stress and I certainly need that right now.  I am going to get up a little earlier tomorrow morning and Lance and I are going for a run and hopefully the weather will stay decent so we can get back in to our routine.  After sitting in the car driving back and forth to Louisville and sitting in the hospital for the last three weeks I know it's going to feel good to get out there and run again!

Now for Fad Diets.  Just because it's called a "fad" diet doesn't mean the diet is a failure.  A fad diet to me is any diet that becomes really popular and then sort of fades away.  I am sure the majority of us have tried one or two or three or four!  Let's see if I can name all the ones I have tried. 

The Three Day Diet.  Probably my favorite of all.  It's easy and you are supposed to lose 10 pounds in the three days.  I don't think I have ever lost that much on it, but I keep trying! 

The Cabbage Soup Diet.  Never really liked this one.  I think I have tried it twice, but don't think I lasted the entire 7 days on it.

The Grapefruit Diet.  This one isn't that bad, but grapefruit can interfere with some medications, so be careful.

The Scarsdale Diet.  I don't think I ever tried this one, but remember people talking about it.  I looked it up and it doesn't sound that bad, but it does have grapefruit on the menu too. 

The list goes on and on and on.  South Beach.  Atkins.  Which ones have you tried?  Have they worked?  Did you keep the weight off?  

I am going to start exercising again tomorrow and my "diet" will start on Monday, January 3rd.  I haven't decided yet which plan I will go with.  Stay tuned for more details!   


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

D is for December

Today is December 14 and there are only 10 days until Christmas and I have bought only ONE Christmas present so far.......The tree hasn't been chopped down and the Christmas decorations are still in storage.  For those that don't know, my mom fell last Friday while we were in Indiana.  We were there to go to Aunt Ada's funeral (my mom's sister).  We didn't make it to the funeral.  We stopped at a McDonald's to go to the bathroom in Scottsburg, Indiana.  My mom was just walking through McDonald's and down she went.  She hit her head, mainly the left side, on the hard concrete floor.  We drove to a nearby hospital where we thought she would just have to get a few stitches for a nasty cut above her eyebrow.  They did a CT scan that showed bleeding and bruising on her brain.  They immediately flew her to the University of Louisville hospital.  It was the first time my mom has ever flown, but she probably won't remember it!  Of course, she probably wouldn't want to remember it anyway.  That helicopter was very small!  I wish now I would have taken a picture, but that was the farthest thing from my mind at the time.  We had to drive back to Louisville to meet them there and that was the longest drive of my life.  When we arrived at the ER a Chaplain met us.  My heart sank when he said he was a Chaplain.  I thought the worst had happened.  He took us (my daughter, Rebecca, my son, Barry and my sister, Donna) to a "family room".  I knew that it couldn't be good.  A doctor finally came in and told us what the other hospital had told us and that they would monitor her and continue to do CT scans to make sure that the bleeding and swelling didn't continue.  We have gone back and forth from Lexington to Louisville (about an hour and a half drive - one way) for the last 5 days.  Mom has been asleep most of that time.  Finally today one of her neurosurgeons talked to us and explained everything.  It was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  Things are finally starting to look up.  Tomorrow they are going to take her off the medication that was keeping her brain from swelling anymore.  They said they are going to start sitting her up in a chair and try to keep her awake more.  They have been letting her sleep in order to help her heal better.  It looks like she will be at U of L for about another 7-10 days and then they will transfer her to Cardinal Hill Rehab Hospital in Lexington.  Why can't they just tell you all this stuff to begin with??  Why do they make the family think the worse??  I don't want to be negative though.  So let's continue on....I want to thank friends, family and strangers for all of their prayers.  I want to thank God for listening to those prayers and answering them.  I want to thank the doctors, nurses, techs, cooks (yes, even the cooks, they are keeping us fed while we are there!) and everyone else that works at University of Louisville Hospital for all that you have done.  I'm sorry Erin, but I might have to buy a sweatshirt from U of L.....and it looks like Christmas is going to be postponed a little for the Blevins/Magness family......but we have already gotten the BEST Christmas present we could have gotten!  Love you Mama!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

C is for Christmas!

I know this is supposed to be the "ABC's of Losing Weight", but the letter C is going to be a little different.  If you want to lose weight then you might not want to read this post!  This post has a lot to do with sweets.  Something that is very dear to me!  Hopefully this will be the only post that really won't help with our weight loss goals. 

If you worry about gaining weight over the holidays you're not alone.  The average person can gain about 5 pounds during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Thanksgiving was almost two weeks ago and we have about two weeks to go until Christmas.  I don't know about you, but I love to cook and I love to eat.  It is that plain and simple.

That is especially true this time of year, because I have a sweet tooth.  I get it from my mom.  My mom is the world's best baker!  OH.MY.GOSH.  My mom makes a homemade German Chocolate Cake that is absolutely awesome.  I could probably eat the entire cake by myself, but my family makes me share it with them!  Her other specialities include strawberry pie, pecan pie, lemon meringue pie.  You get the idea.  Sweet, gooey delights!!  My Grandmother Galloway (my dad's mom) was a wonderful baker too.  So there has always been an abundance of sweetness around me!

I will probably start my Christmas baking this weekend.  I am not that great at baking, but as you can see from my list it's not really "baking".  I like to make candy.  Buckeyes are my favorite.  You can go here for Mandy's recipe.  I made these last year and they were a big hit, so they are definitely on the list this year.  I also love to make peppermint bark.  It is so super easy to make.  Puppy chow and peanut brittle is a big hit too.  This year I am going to make Oreo Truffles.  So now you can see why it is so easy to gain at least 5 pounds during this time of year.  Just remember to drink lots of water.  It can help to prevent overeating.  I did manage to add a weight loss tip in after all!

I hope if you have some yummy recipes you will share with the rest of us.  I am always looking for more sweetness in my life!  =)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

B is for Breakfast

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But, how many of you actually eat anything for breakfast?  Do you dash out the door in the morning with a cup of coffee in your hand and nothing else?  If you eat dinner the night before at 6:00pm and don't eat again until lunchtime around 12:00pm the next day that means you have gone 18 hours without food. 

Eating breakfast will help you make better food choices throughout the day.  Skip breakfast and around 10:00 that candy bar in the vending machine is looking pretty good!  If you don't have anything to eat in the first 60 minutes of being awake, your body will start burning off muscle tissue in order to feed itself. This will set off a cycle that will affect your glucose (blood sugar), causing you to crave more sugars (carbohydrates) throughout the day.

So the bottom line is eat something for breakfast.  It doesn't have to be fancy or hard to put together.  Put it together the night before and grab and go the next morning if you are pressed for time.  Oatmeal is an easy, healthy choice.  Fiber One bars and a banana can be eaten on the way to work.  A whole wheat pita stuffed with scrambled eggs and a little cheese.  A boiled egg and a piece of fruit.  A fruit smoothie.  The choices are unlimited!

So get up a few minutes earlier if necessary and eat breakfast!