Tuesday, December 14, 2010

D is for December

Today is December 14 and there are only 10 days until Christmas and I have bought only ONE Christmas present so far.......The tree hasn't been chopped down and the Christmas decorations are still in storage.  For those that don't know, my mom fell last Friday while we were in Indiana.  We were there to go to Aunt Ada's funeral (my mom's sister).  We didn't make it to the funeral.  We stopped at a McDonald's to go to the bathroom in Scottsburg, Indiana.  My mom was just walking through McDonald's and down she went.  She hit her head, mainly the left side, on the hard concrete floor.  We drove to a nearby hospital where we thought she would just have to get a few stitches for a nasty cut above her eyebrow.  They did a CT scan that showed bleeding and bruising on her brain.  They immediately flew her to the University of Louisville hospital.  It was the first time my mom has ever flown, but she probably won't remember it!  Of course, she probably wouldn't want to remember it anyway.  That helicopter was very small!  I wish now I would have taken a picture, but that was the farthest thing from my mind at the time.  We had to drive back to Louisville to meet them there and that was the longest drive of my life.  When we arrived at the ER a Chaplain met us.  My heart sank when he said he was a Chaplain.  I thought the worst had happened.  He took us (my daughter, Rebecca, my son, Barry and my sister, Donna) to a "family room".  I knew that it couldn't be good.  A doctor finally came in and told us what the other hospital had told us and that they would monitor her and continue to do CT scans to make sure that the bleeding and swelling didn't continue.  We have gone back and forth from Lexington to Louisville (about an hour and a half drive - one way) for the last 5 days.  Mom has been asleep most of that time.  Finally today one of her neurosurgeons talked to us and explained everything.  It was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  Things are finally starting to look up.  Tomorrow they are going to take her off the medication that was keeping her brain from swelling anymore.  They said they are going to start sitting her up in a chair and try to keep her awake more.  They have been letting her sleep in order to help her heal better.  It looks like she will be at U of L for about another 7-10 days and then they will transfer her to Cardinal Hill Rehab Hospital in Lexington.  Why can't they just tell you all this stuff to begin with??  Why do they make the family think the worse??  I don't want to be negative though.  So let's continue on....I want to thank friends, family and strangers for all of their prayers.  I want to thank God for listening to those prayers and answering them.  I want to thank the doctors, nurses, techs, cooks (yes, even the cooks, they are keeping us fed while we are there!) and everyone else that works at University of Louisville Hospital for all that you have done.  I'm sorry Erin, but I might have to buy a sweatshirt from U of L.....and it looks like Christmas is going to be postponed a little for the Blevins/Magness family......but we have already gotten the BEST Christmas present we could have gotten!  Love you Mama!!


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