Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Look Back

I started a blog a few years ago because I wanted to keep track of the movies we rented or went to see.  The reason for that was because I had rented a movie that we had already seen....UGH!  So I thought a blog would be a wonderful way to keep track.  A friend had a blog that she kept track of books she had read and she would write about the book and what she thought about it.  Sort of a book critic, if you will.  Brilliant idea, I thought.  I will be a movie critic.  Most movie critics I disagree with anyway.  Usually if they love the movie, I would think it was awful.  If they thought the movie was awful, well then, I would absolutely love it!  I think that blog lasted about a month.

I still had that blog bug in me and decided to write about my personal life.  Adventures we went on.  Vacations.  Trips to the lake.  I could even throw in movies we rented and went to see.  My husband and children got that panic look in their eye.  Don't worry, I told them, I won't use your real names.  Husband would be referred to as Tall Man.  Daughter would be known as Princess.  Son would be known as Bear.  If you know these three individuals then you will understand their names!  I'm not even sure I wrote the first post on that blog!

That brings us to my final blog.  The one you are reading right now.  I first started out writing it to help with my diet and exercise program.  That went as well as the other two blogs.  Then I decided it should become a coupon blog.  I am awesome at using coupons, but not so awesome about blogging about it.  I think in order to be awesome at having a coupon blog, it almost has to be a full-time job and you need a full-time staff helping you!  As I stated in my previous post, I have decided that instead of devoting my blog to one or two topics, I'm going to do a series of posts on one topic but will give myself the freedom to blog about whatever I want. After all, it is my blog!!

I will still write posts about dieting, exercising, family adventures and coupons.  I hope you come back for more, because there's not much telling what I will write about next!!


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