Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Game of Tag

Michael over at My Glass House has tagged me in a game of Blog Tag.  I've been it for a few days, but you all know how horrible I am at keeping my blog updated!  Thank you, Michael for this honor!

 I'm required to post the rules, which are to answer the questions sent to me by Michael, come up with new questions (or keep using the old ones), and as is always the case with these things, tag more bloggers.

1.  Who is my favorite author?  My favorite published author is John Grisham.  I love everything that he writes.  My favorite soon to be published author is Michael Rupured.  I know one day soon I will go in my local bookstore and his books will be on the shelf!!

2.  If I could live in another time period, what period would that be?  Hmmmmm.....There are so many choices, but I guess I would love to go back to the beginning of time...

3.  I've been published and just landed a movie deal.  Which actors would I cast in the two main roles?  Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, because I love their chemistry in Pretty Woman.

4.  What is my most treasure possession (not people or animals)?  My grandmother's birthstone ring.

5.  If I could live anywhere in the world and money were no object, where would I live?  I'm going to steal Michael's answer on this one...I'd have my own private jet to move between several different homes.  I'd have a cabin in the mountains, a cottage by the ocean, and condos in several major cities.

6.  Who is my Idol/Hero?  My mom....

7.  When I was a kid, what did I want to be when I grew up?  Did I achieve it?  I wanted to be a lawyer and no I didn't achieve it.

8.  What's my perfect day?  Spending time with my family and friends with yummy food, good drinks, beautiful weather and some wonderful laughter and a nap thrown in!

9.  I get a HUGE advance for my first novel - $250,000.  What's the first thing I'd do with the money?  I would buy some land so that we could start building our compound.  Only the people that join us for Third Wednesday will understand this!  I'll explain it in another post one day soon!

10.  How many times a day do you check your e-mail?  I get notifications of any email messages (work or personal) on my cellphone.  So all the time unless I'm sleeping or in Church or someplace where I can't check them.

11.  What was my nickname in school and how did I get it?  Didn't have one that I recall....

I'm tagging:

HowIChow; Amanda Mitchell Photography; and A Little Bit of Everything.

I'll use the same questions Michael asked me.  Thanks for tagging me, Michael and thanks for making me write a post on my blog!!!  You're the best!!!


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