Friday, July 6, 2012

Full-Time Job

If you just clip coupons and use them once in a while to save money then you know that doesn't take up much of your time.  If you clip coupons, check all the sale ads, check all the blogs, take surveys, check in to apps on your phone to make money, etc. then it almost becomes a full-time job!  I am sure the majority of the coupon blogs that I read either have staff working for them and/or they are stay at home moms.  There is no way one person with a job or even a stay at home mom with little ones can post all the things they post.  They know everything that is going on everywhere!!

If you are new to the world of coupons then there is so much that you will need to learn.  It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but the more you coupon and read about it the easier it will get.

The first thing you need to do is organize your coupons.  I find it easier to cut out each coupon and to use a binder and have a separate page for each aisle or section of the grocery store.  Organizing your coupons in a binder by category requires about an hour to an hour and a half each Sunday.  This makes preparing to shop easier because all of your coupons are clipped and organized.  Use baseball card holders to hold the clipped coupons.

Now where do you find coupons?  The Sunday Newspaper is the best place.  Ask friends and family members.  Magazines.  Stores.  Internet.  You can also load coupons directly to your store's loyalty card and make sure you sign up for those loyalty cards.  There are tons of them.  I have a separate key chain just for those cards.  I have a total of 14.  I have Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, Hallmark, JC Penney, Best Buy, Canes, Godiva, Dick's Sporting Good,  Panera, K-Mart (Sears and Land's End are on the same one with K-Mart), Speedway, Library Card and Gym Card are also on there.  If you have one that I don't please let me know!

I'm also a member of the National Consumer Panel.  Once you become a member they send you a scanner. You scan all of your purchases that you make and you receive points.  With those points you can purchase things from their website.  It is a little time consuming.  Some stores that you buy from (like Aldi) after you scan the item you have to also enter the price.  You can also take surveys on their website to earn points and every few months they will send you a free gift.  I have received a nice can/bottle opener and a cloth grocery bag.

There are so many other little tidbits that I want to share with you, so I hope you will come back next time!


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