Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No New Weigh-In

It has been about three weeks since my last post and a little longer than that since my last weigh in.  I have been a bit busy, but not really sure what I was busy doing....

I have decided to change my weigh in.  I think I become so obsessed with that number on the scale that I lose focus on what I am supposed to be doing.  If I lose weight, then I celebrate by eating.  If I gain weight, then I become depressed and eat.  Either way I EAT!  So I need to do something different, like maybe wire my mouth shut!

The weather is turning cooler here, so I am going to get out a lot more and exercise.  There's no reason why I can't go for a run either early in the morning before coming to work or in the evening when I get home.  Actually there's no reason why I can't do both!  It definitely wouldn't hurt!

I'm going to stop eating out at lunch.  I know I have said that a lot lately, but that is my biggest problem!  I make horrible choices when I go out to eat.  There is only one way to avoid that and that would be to stop going out to eat!  Plain and simple.  Right?  Right.....

My next weigh in will be October 1.  I hope you'll stick around and see how I do.  I promise to write more posts to keep you updated on everything.  Maybe even throw in a recipe or two and some good coupon tips.

Thanks for stopping by and spending......


  1. Losing weight is SO hard! I agree that focusing on just weight can be self-defeating. Regular exercise and being good more than you're bad is what it comes down to. If you're consistent (and I'm not), you'll lose. Falling off is natural. Everyone does it. The key is to get back on track as soon as you can. Good luck--you know I'm pulling for you!

  2. Thanks! I am writing another post right now and you will soon realize that I am not to blame!! LOL!!!