Thursday, June 30, 2016

21 Day Fix

I have ordered the 21 Day Fix.

I have joined the gym.

I am finally ready to get serious about losing weight.

The 21 Day Fix seems to be a pretty simple plan to follow.  You have different color containers and your food has to fit in those containers.  You have PURPLE for fruits, GREEN for Vegetables, RED for Protein, YELLOW for Carbohydrates, BLUE for Healthy fats and cheeses and  ORANGE for seeds and Oils.  There are also 30 minute workout DVDs that they recommend you do one a day.  Seems simple.  Right????   

According to FedEx tracking my order should arrive on Tuesday, July 5.  Hopefully on Wednesday, July 6 I can post a picture of everything that I get and I also plan on posting a before picture of me (*gasp*) and my starting weight.  I will have to read everything and figure out what I can and can't eat, so I plan on starting Monday, July 11.

I hope you will come along with me on my journey!!!