Friday, July 15, 2016

Week #1

I have been on the 21 day fix for a little over a week now and I have lost 4 pounds!  I have also cheated!  LOL!  So I would have lost more weight if I had completely stuck to the plan....

I've been going to the gym or walking every day, so I know that is helping a lot!

As for the 21 Day Fix, it is pretty easy to do.  You are allowed a certain amount of protein, carbs, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and seeds & dressings.  They also have a protein shake powder that you are supposed to drink once a day.  I tried it and there is something in it that my body does not like.  It makes me sick to my stomach and other issues.  I wasn't sure at first if it was that or if I was coming down with something.  So I waited a few days before trying it again.  And the same thing happened.  I bought a protein powder at GNC a few months ago and I don't have any problems with it, so I guess I will just use that to make my shakes.  Plus it's a lot cheaper!!!  LOL!

I am hoping that next week will be a better week and I will be able to stick to the plan for the entire week.

I hope you come back next week to find out my results!!

Until next time!!

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