Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week #2

So week #2 wasn't very pretty....I did not lose any weight, BUT I didn't gain any that I've lost either.  My daughter's birthday fell during week #2 and we ate out on her birthday and then I cooked one of her favorite meals on Sunday.  That meal consisted of country fried steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, fried corn, fried apples, rolls, green beans and homemade strawberry pies!  So you can see why I didn't lose any weight!!

I had an appointment with my doctor the other day and she suggested I see a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  Luckily they have one on staff at the doctor's office that I go to, so I have an appointment tomorrow to meet with her.  Also, on the plus side, insurance will pay for it!  She will review what I eat and my eating habits, do a thorough review of my nutritional health and come up with a personalized nutrition treatment plan.  My LDL (bad cholesterol) is 145.  It's supposed to be between 0-99.  My BMI is 31.  According to the BMI calculation I am obese.  Obese is a BMI over 30....

My next post will be about my appointment with the RDN.

Until next time!!

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