Thursday, May 11, 2017

Drum Roll Please...

I made it through the 3 day diet!

 I didn't cheat and ate what I was supposed to eat.

 I weighed myself Monday morning before I started and then weighed myself on Thursday morning.

The results are in.......

I lost 5.5 pounds!  Not bad.  The diet claimed that you could lose UP TO 10 pounds.  I will admit I was a little disappointed when I first saw the results, but after thinking about it, I don't think losing 5.5 pounds in 3 days is anything to be disappointed about!

I have also started walking/running again.  Since I am changing the way I eat, I decided I needed to add in some exercise too.  I have set a goal to walk/run at least 5 miles a day.  I have accomplished that goal since Monday, so I am sure that helped with the weight lose too.

I did not make a wise choice today for lunch, but it could have been worse!  We ordered mexican for lunch......I ate the arroz con pollo, which is a bed of rice with grilled chicken and grilled vegetables and a little cheese on top.  I did eat almost the entire thing, but ate only a few chips and salsa!  Usually I would have eaten a whole basket of chips by myself!  Since I was so bad at lunch, I came home and walked/ran 3 miles and had a protein shake for supper!  So that evens the day out, right???  LOL!!!

So stick around and I will try and update the blog about once a week on the weight loss struggle, um I mean challenge!

Until the next time, thanks for spending......

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